Return of The Pelagic Maw

Episode 1

Showdown at the Sunken Citadel

Our Adventure begins in the Saltgrog Tavern, an inn and tavern on the outskirts of a nearby port city known as Shadeport. Aifreed arrives in the tavern, where meets Hirouko and Saphira, two sorcerers with a natural affinity for magic. After a few minutes of relative peace in the tavern, two kobolds bust open the doors of the tavern and demand treasures to be sacrificed to a mysterious deity, The Pelagic Maw. As soon as he sensed danger, Hirouko threw a dagger at the a kobold head, killing it before its body hit the floor. Aifreed delivers a powerful blow to the second attacker, knocking the kobold out cold.

After defeating the raiders, Aifreed, Hirouko and Saphira gather information from the barkeep and a nearby Priest of Tyr. They learn that the kobold raids began around the same time a cult known as “The Followers of the Maw” began moved into the nearby area. The barkeep offered a 100 gold bounty to anyone who would agree to stop the raids. Aifreed, Hirouko and Saphira all agreed to stop the thieving kobolds. Aifreed brings the unconscious kobold with him so he can interrogate it whenever it awakens. The party leaves the tavern and heads towards their only lead, a kobold infested cavern known as “The Sunken Citadel”.

The trip to the citadel is relatively uneventful, however they do encounter an oddly friendly orc who is also hunting kobolds. They arrive at the Sunken Citadel at the peak of low tide. They discover that the Sunken Citadel is more than a simple cavern. Low tide has left the cavern drained, revealing a pathway to what appears to be a sort of fortress. Within the fortress, they fight thru waves of enraged kobolds, insidious traps, and foreboding darkness. Along the way, they meet an unlikely ally, a peaceful kobold named Meepo, who claims that something has influenced his brethren. Deeper into the Citadel, the party encounters a pair of captive goblins, who almost deceive Saphira into grating the goblin’s freedom, as one goblin claims to be able to make Saphira (a dragonborn) become a full dragon. Hirouko and Aifreed see through the goblin’s lie and the party moves along.

Meanwhile, the party enters a throne room that contains a menacing alter. The alter looks has a statue of what appears to be a large eel with tentacles on its back, and it leaks a dark and vicious fluid that looks like a mix of polluted water and crude oil.
Five kobolds guard the room, and engage the party in combat. Hirouko is the first to act, as he commands the chaotic nature of Wild Magic, as Magic Missles fly around the room and injure most of the kobolds. His attack rebounds at him, causing him to defy gravity and levitate momentarily. Alireed is next to attack. He lands one hit that sends a kobold straight into the ceiling, then kicks another leaving it fatally wounded on the ground. Finally, Saphira unleases a burst of flame from her jaws, incinerating the last kobold in an instant. The battle is a decisive victory in favor of the party. Meepo explains that this was once the chamber that housed a mighty dragon named Carvax, although the dragon has disapeeared since the advent of the cult. It is revealed that “The Pelagic Maw” refers to an ancient aquatic deity known as the Abolith.


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