Return of The Pelagic Maw

Episode 2

Cave-ins, Kolbolds, and Cultists

When we last left off, the party was exploring the Sunken Citadel, a dungeon that housed a tribe of Kobolds.

As the party looked for treasure, the air begins to go cold. Suddenly a voice rings out from the Darkness. It says: “THE MAW HUNGERS! YOUR DEATHS SHALL USHER IN MY REBIRTH!”
Suddenly, the entire Citadel shakes, and begins to cave in. To make matters even worse, the liquid in the alter begins to overflow, threading to swallow the party. Arfreed is quick to react, and dashes out from the cavern in less than 10 seconds. The rest of the party, including Pingus and Meepo, all manage to escape just in the nick of time.

Pingus decides to travel with the party. They eventually make it back to the Saltgrog tavern, and the original three adventures all get paid. Meepo somehow gets hired to be a barkeep at the tavern. As the party shares information with the priest and barkeep, Hirouko sees a hooded figure with long, pointed ears leave the room. No one else notices. The party soon decided to go to sleep for the night.

Pingus and Aifreed awaken at midnight to the sound of breaking glass. They awaken the rest of the party. They arrive to the lobby of the tavern to find a large orc, who fires off 3 magic missiles to kill the barkeep and priest.

Hirouko, Saphira, and Aifreed act fast to severely injure the orc, as Pingus attempts to heal the injured barkeep and priest, however both seem to have no signs of recovering. The orc, who has realized that he is hopelessly outmatched, calls in back up and attempts to retreat. He dashes out the window into the night. The orc may have been fast, but Aifreed was far faster. With a single hit to the back of the orc’s head, Aifreed subdues the orc so the party can interrogate it.

Meanwhile, back at the tavern, Saphira picks up two notes dropped by the orcish cultist. One note is a threat letter (which has a directional explosive rune that blows up half the tavern’s walls), and the other note seems to contain some information about the Aboleth.
Soon, more cultists arrive as backup to the orc. Pingus grabs a bottle of rum, and uses it as a fire bomb that manages to catch a cultist (and himself) on fire. Saphira weakens a cultist will a well-placed stab with her knife. Hirouko feels a surge of magical energy and casts magic missile again. As a wild mage, he is able to draw energy from the chaotic Faewild, a plane of existence adjacent to our own. His magic missile takes the form of a small fae creature, who proceeds to beat the crap out of the two remaining cultists. One cultist remains, lying ground as he bleeds out. The cultist tells the party that there is no resisting the will of the Maw. Hirouko then tells the cultist that “Your waifu a s***”. The cultist cannot comprehend a mere mortal defying the Maw’s will so strongly. This is so unimaginable that it causes the cultist’s head to explode.

What happens next? Who was the lady with the pointed ears? What does the orc know? Does the town of Shadeport even know about the cult? Does Meepo have what it takes to be a Barkeep?

Find out next time, on “The Return of the Pelagic Maw”!


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