Return of The Pelagic Maw

Episode 3.0

Of Course there is a Horse

As the party fought the cultist (session 2), the familiar of the cleric at the bar, a horse named Ori, felt the mental bond between himself and his master fade away. A cultist then approached Ori with a knife, as he threatened to kill the horse.

Ori didn’t like that.

Ori enters the bar (by kicking a cultist into the wall then walking through the massive hole in the wall that this makes). The party then interrogated the mysterious man they captured in session two. It is revealed that the mystery man is a enforcer who worked for the Cult. According the the enforcer, the cult has placed a hit on the party.

The party makes their way into Shadeport proper, where an associate of Pingus gives Pingus his payment for killing the Goblins at the Citadel (a map, letter and some gold).

The party then splits up. Ori ties to enter a meeting of clerics, but he cannot get in as he is not a cleric or paladin. Aifreed meets up with an old friend, and does some research on the Maw. Aifreed discovered that boats have been unable to leave port due to increased attacks by Sahuagins. Hirokou goes to a bar to get smashed. Later that night, Hirokou gets into a rad musical battle with another bard, and wins. As the tavern celebrates Hirokou’s victory, the party meets Leafri, a elf woman who seems interested in meeting the party.

As the party retires for the night, they hear a voice in their heads that says: " Sleep well, and remember, we are always watching you".

After a night long rain storm, the party awakens. They notice that the area in a 5 foot radius around Ori is completely dry. This leads Hirokou to cast Speak with Animals. It is revealed that Ori is a druid, and is entirely sentient. The party then agrees to investigate the Sahuagin
attacks sometime soon.


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