Return of The Pelagic Maw


Surfin with Sahuagins

Where we last left off, the party agrees to investigate sahuagin attacks, although they take a short detour first. Pingus announces that a gang he has worked with once before may have some leads relating to the Maw. After a bit of barhopping and information gathering, Pingus finds the HQ of the Slim Shady’s gang. The gang doesn’t have any information, but promises to keep Pingus posted if anything comes up. The party manages to terrify the gang’s Don, and Ori uses [Druidcraft] to create some [Dankweed].

After leaving the gang’s headquarters, the party boards the boat the Aifreed is a crewmember for. After a bit of smooth sailing, sahuagins board the ship. The party successfully defends the boat from the sahuagin raiders, and they are able to safely return to Shadeport. The ship’s captain offers to allow the party to sail on his ship in the future.

When the party arrives in Shadeport around 6:00, just around dusk, a crowd is gathered to welcome fishers (and the party). Leafri congratulates the party on defeating the raiders, and after a bit of small talk, she leaves.
Pingus finds Leafi suspicious, and he gives chase.

After 10 minutes, Pingus hasn’t returned.

What happened to Pingus? Is the maw somehow involved? Who is the real Slim Shadey, and will he please stand up?!

|_ _ TO BE CONTINUED_ _ _ _ _ >


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